Welcome to the African & Caribbean Association of Nunavut (ACAN)


Proud of our cultural backgrounds, traditions, and heritage.


Encourage and facilitate inclusive and harmonious communities.


Promote unity amongst members of organization and  community. 


The idea to form the African & Caribbean Association of Nunavut (ACAN) was born out of a widespread desire expressed by members of the African and Caribbean community in Iqaluit to create an environment in which members feel welcomed and supported.

For greater certainty and notwithstanding other terms used in this by-laws, the African & Caribbean Association of Nunavut (ACAN) is an inclusive association aiming to constitute an open and accountable forum, representing all individuals who express interest in issues as they relate to those who are Black, African-descent, Caribbean, West-Indian, Afro-Caribbean, African American, African Canadian in a fair and democratic way, that promotes their economic, social, and cultural well-being within Nunavut.

Our Vision

Proud of who we are and where we come from, we unite to create a caring and vibrant community where all can thrive.

Our Mission

The African & Caribbean Association of Nunavut (ACAN) is a unified group of people from the community in Nunavut.

Its purpose is to enhance, engage and represent our diverse neighbourhood, where we live, work, and play, by facilitating partnerships, programs, and services.

The association aims to create an environment in which members feel welcome and supported through a variety of means including education, recreation, and culture.

We also strive to meet individual and communal needs in a way that promotes common values, and in turn nurtures, strengthens, enriches, and unites the people of African descent and our community as a whole.

Our Pillars

We are committed to building capacity for youth, family and, community advancement.

Unity: the association aims to promote unity through social, recreational, educational, and cultural programs.

Advocacy: Provide a forum for face-to-face discussion of issues, and as far as possible reach agreement in the best interests of the community.

Cultural/Ambassadorship: Coming together to enjoy each other’s culture, welcoming new comers to Nunavut, gatherings, and celebrations.

Education/Professional Development: Establish scholarships; provide career development programs to members and their families.

Economic advancement: Encourage Black owned businesses and entrepreneurs within Nunavut

Recreation/Sport: Promote recreational and sporting events.

Networking: Create a directory of members and their specialities.

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