Proud of our diverse cultural backgrounds, traditions, and heritage.


Encourage and facilitate inclusive and harmonious communities.


Promote unity amongst members of the organization and  the community. 


The African & Caribbean Association of Nunavut (ACAN) is an inclusive association aiming to constitute an open and accountable forum, representing all individuals who express interest in issues as they relate to those who are Black, African, Caribbean, Afro-Inuit or Afro-Canadian-descent… in a fair and democratic way, that promotes their social, economic, and cultural well-being within Nunavut.

Our Purpose

The African & Caribbean Association of Nunavut (ACAN) is rooted in the collective voices and actions of a growing and diverse community of Black people living and working in Nunavut. Our purpose is to build a community where all feel welcome and have a sense of belonging, honouring our heritage and Inuit Nunangat.

Our Vision

We envision a dynamic and flourishing Black community with a
deep-rooted legacy of uplifting one another and enriching lives.

Our Mission

ACAN’s mission is to cultivate a community that leverages the
collective talents and resiliency of Black people in Nunavut and
advances their economic and social wellbeing through cultural
ambassadorship, entrepreneurship and financial literacy
support, youth and community development, education and
training, and responsible leadership.

Our Strategic Priorities

We are committed to building capacity for youth, family and, community advancement.

Youth Education and  Development

Economic and Social Development

Cultural Ambassadorship and Hub

Community Engagement and Collective Action

Capacity Building and Organizational Development

Successful Events

Empowered Families

Member Strong

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